We embrace the world of engineered timber construction. We are doing our part to support sustainability efforts for our planet. We are easy to do business with, and our people stand behind what they promise. We offer uncompromising support in delivering excellence in everything we do. We are designing, developing and delivering a better suite of  timber construction systems and solutions to change the way we build. We are CLTP Tasmania, why not come on an adventure with us, and let’s see what we can create together. 


CLTP  Tasmania

CLTP is owned by The Hermal Group, a diversified private company based in Victoria, Australia for over 70 years.


Prefabricated Timber Construction SystemsTM (PTCSTM) is more than just a suite of products, it is a different way of constructing. 


CLTP has a comprehensive assortment of technical documentation available for your project. 


The principle approach taken in the development of our systems and solutions is to take an evolutionary step forward. We are moving away from “products” to selling suites of systems and solutions to the market. 


The use of mass timber products, such as Cross Laminated and Glue Laminated Timber, have several significant economic benefits in construction and for those residing within a timber building. 


Timber has many environmental credentials including lower embodied energy consumed in the transformation from a plantation resource into a robust and adaptable construction material. 


Construction benefits include substantial advantages in construction speed due to the advantages of off-site manufacturing and on-site rapid construction. Plus increasing use of plantation timber. 

CLTP Tasmania



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